Ready or not!

Good morning, crew AN!

Us, artists… Well, we can be a bit lame when it comes to completing a creation sans deadlines. The Hybrid Art Journal has a deadline, a fairly fixed deadline, Spring 2022 …I say ‘fairly’ as we could get into a debate re the definition of ‘Spring’ but for the purposes of having a complete and polished journal, Spring 2022 means no later than March 31st.

And so far, things are happening. A lot of disparate things are happening… I’m looking forward to the bit where they all come together to form this thing called a journal and when hopefully it seems like this collection of inputs just magically popped into existence as one beautifully fully formed inaugural art experience sent from the heavens above to delight and inspire us mere mortals (:P)

This blog may seem like I am indulging in a couple of minutes of procrastination and that might be because I am (…I also happen to be enjoying it very much!), after all I’m the human part of this co-editing AI&I duo responsible for the creation of this publication.

Looking forward to sharing some proper updates with you in due course, but for now… this is what trying to put a journal together feels like (from an artists POV anyhow).

Moto for today = done is better than perfect (as ya can’t edit a blank page!)

Happy art making, all!





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