We're all about experim(art)ing at the Hybrid Art Journal.. whether it's trying a new creative tool, or making art from things we find in our cupboard/car/pocket (all have happened... don't knock it 'til you've tried it).

But there's nothing quite like the feeling of finding a brand new tool that takes your art and your heart to another level. So, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite experimental art tools that are guaranteed to spark your creativity and get you riled up to create.

In order to ensure these resources are as accessible as possible, we’ve included free resources and those with freemium options. Also, everything on this list are Hybrid Art Journal approved... some are well worn in our toolkit and others are still a little shiny, but we have spent quality time with everything on this list (qual-i-ty!) and we ain't sponsored by anyone... we're just looking forward to seeing what you create and hoping you're all buzzed to make your art with some new swoon-worthy digital paintbrushes.

A quick note on copyright and commercial usage: please double-check the usage available for works created with these tools prior to embarking on proper work (terms and conditions are usually subject to change—so ALWAYS do your own research :P:—always good to mention.)

If there’s anything you reckon should be on this list, let us know at


Okay, on to the list!





SculptGL allows you to sculpt 3D models and features such as spheres, cylinders and cubes. We love this program because it's web-based (oh, and you can see the number of faces your model has on the top right-hand corner of the screen #superbloodyhandy #lowpoly).


EZGIF takes a thing and gifs it, pretty easily.

Also we <3 the ezgif cat.


Handbreak is the most recent must-have tool we've stumbled upon, web optimisation for videos in a painless pinch!


Glitch: Photomosh... that's a name AND a half. And it delivers!


GPT3: Pretty sure Howard would be livid if this wasn't on the list! It's not free, but there's the following free trial option: start experimenting with $18 in free credit that can be used during your first 3 months.


Web-based photo editing: Hello Pixlr. Bye-bye super pricey Photoshop #nuffsaid


AI generative media: a nice overview of the various possibilities.

"We curate cutting-edge generative deep learning models, making them accessible through a (hopefully) simple interface." #missionaccomplished


AI/ML: If you're looking to play with a plethora of tools for free (for a year)...............

(we know.)


TouchDesigner: a visual programming environment for real-time audio-visual collaboration and performance.

Free for non-commercial usage! (For any other type of usage, check out the website.)


Immersive virtual space: New Art City - The virtual part of the Hybrid Art Journal lives in New Art City... you can play in the demo space (resets hourly) to get a feel for what it's like behind the scenes... wanna be an Issue Two artist? Send your submissions to


Music: aaah things have progressed 100000000x since our first intro into music + AI at CogX 2019. Tone/Transfer is a whole lotta fun to play with!


Write with AI: CopyAI is our go-to... it just works better than the rest (in our very subjective opinion!). 

[um, we so had to see what it would say, here's our favorite option from the list 'CopyAI is the closest thing to a universal remote for your writing.']

"universal remote for your writing" ...genius... liking it a lot!


AI generative visuals: StarryAI is a beginner friendly app  with a wicked UI. The Hybrid Art Journal Issue One Cover includes 2 StarryAI images which were created via text prompts.


Blender: ...if you try just ONE item from this list... make it Blender.

We went from hating it passionately (because-we-hadn't-figured-out-how-to-use-it-properly (#stilllearning)) to the comment above.

Blender: If you make it past the steep learning curve, it will reward you with more awesome than you can shake a 3D-modeling stick at (think rendering, animating, and everything else you can think of in the CG field).



Okay, enough reading... go play!